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BDUB VDUB stands for Biblical Worldview Week. It is a week of special services and activities that help our students reflect on the Gospel and its implications for everyday life at home, church, school, and in the world for the rest of our lives.

A worldview is simply a view of the world and a view for the world. The Christian faith holds these two aspects in tension. The Biblical view of the world is that is broken by sin. But the view for the world is that it can be made whole again in Christ. Being redeemed by Christ means that we can once again reflect God's glory as we were designed--marked by love, unity, and humility. We won’t do this perfectly until Christ returns. So, we hope in Him and seek to live for Him. Each year we pick a theme that will help our students to reflect on and live out the Gospel.

2019-2020 VDUB BDUB: In the Moment -- Psalm 84
Our theme this year is In the Moment. We will be unpacking how excessive technology and broken relationships fracture our attention and keep us from being present with God and one another. My prayer for our community is that we would be able to sing with the psalmist—“Better is one day in your house than thousands elsewhere”—and believe that God’s presence is our peace!
Part 1 – In the Moment with Tech
Thursday, March 19
  • In the Moment – US Chapels with Brian Housman (Download Moment App)
  • HS Dodgeball Tourney (MS on 3/26) – Flex Block
  • Becoming a Tech Savvy Parent – Parent Training at Calvary Church w/ Brian Housman
Friday, March 20
  • “Tech-Free” Challenge Day – Students are encouraged to spend the day without their phones. Phones are not evil. They are a great servant but a terrible master. This is a day to practice being present.
  • Rock n Talk (for female high school students)

Part 2 – In the Moment with Habits

March 23-27
  • “Tech-Track” Challenge Week – This is a week-long contest to see who can have the fewest number of phone “pickups” and the least “% of your waking life” used. Prizes!
  • Scripture Before School – Daily Digital Devotions from Faculty Members
  • Phone-Free Cafeteria/Café Week
Friday, March 27
  • All School Worship

Part 3 – In the Moment with People

Thursday, April 2
  • Pain into Purpose – Chapel for 8th-12th grade students with Nicole Braddock Bromley.
  • All School Movie Showing – We want to build school-wide community and encourage emotional health by watching the Pixar film – Inside Out.
  • Becoming a Solution to Sexual Abuse and Trafficking – Community Event with Bromley 
Friday, April 3
  • Jr./Sr. Retreat @ We Want More

Speaker Introductions:

Brian Housman is returning to CHS to discuss issues affecting teens on a daily basis – internet safety, social media, cyberbullying, sexting, etc. He has spent more than twenty years speaking into the lives of students and parents. We are thrilled to have him back for upper school chapels and a free parent training event at Calvary Church!

Nicole Braddock Bromley is a nationally acclaimed speaker who uses her own life story to break the silence on sexual abuse, bring hope, healing, and empower others on a journey from victim to victory over impossible circumstances. For 16 years, Nicole has traveled extensively as a voice of awareness, prevention, hope and healing to some of the most at-risk populations around the world as well as to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. She is a member of the NCAA Health and Safety speaker bureau. Her voice has been heard on numerous television and radio programs and her podcast and books are changing lives.

Past Biblical Worldview Week themes

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