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BDUB VDUB stands for Biblical Worldview Week. It is a week of special services and activities that help our students reflect on the Gospel and its implications for everyday life at home, church, school, and in the world for the rest of our lives.

A worldview is simply a view of the world and a view for the world. The Christian faith holds these two aspects in tension. The Biblical view of the world is that is broken by sin. But the view for the world is that it can be made whole again in Christ. Being redeemed by Christ means that we can once again reflect God's glory as we were designed--marked by love, unity, and humility. We won’t do this perfectly until Christ returns. So, we hope in Him and seek to live for Him. Each year we pick a theme that will help our students to reflect on and live out the Gospel.

2020-2021 VDUB BDUB: H2Obey -- Mark 4:41


Our theme this year is H2Obey - Who Is This!?  Even the Wind and waves obey Him! Mark 4:41. As we study this Word, we are going to gaze into it, touch it, skate on it, drink it, and think on it. And as we do, I pray you are captivated by the God who sustains the whole world by this simple element and who invites us to drink from Him as THE source of Living Water!  Details.

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