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Spiritual Development Goals

What is CHS aiming at as it seeks to partner with parents and local churches in the spiritual development of its students?

Students who are growing and developing spiritually within a Christian community should show increasing evidence of the character of Jesus Christ manifest in their lives. (Thinking, acting, and being more like Jesus.) The unique spiritual ethos of “CHS” includes students who, in community, show evidence of progress toward the following 7 major target areas for spiritual formation.


Authority - Developing a respect for and understanding of the value of authority for the formation of a healthy and prosperous life. This includes firstly the ultimate authority of God as supreme over our lives, his Word, and also the authorities of men that He has placed in our lives.

Produces students who are:
  • Respectful and who understand the significance of honor.
  • Humble and appropriately submissive.
  • Showing evidence of a growing affection for the person and Word of God and the central place it must take in our lives.
  • Understanding of authority not as restrictive and binding as its primary feature, but rather as the door to true freedom.
  • Understanding and accept personal responsibility for actions/behavior.
Right Belief

Right Belief - Developing a true understanding of who God is, who we are in relationship to Him, and the kind of life that such a relationship releases us into. Developing a more correct understanding of the core propositions of the Christian faith regarding the nature of God, man, and his redemptive plan.

Produces students who are:
  • Having the ability to articulate and defend authentic, personal faith convictions.
  • Possessing a firm foundation of absolute truth upon which they are able to make right decisions.
  • Are able to use a Biblical Christian Worldview as a tool to evaluate various aspects of the culture around them that they are undoubtedly a part of.

Service - Actively developing and engaging life-patterns of service to others, both within their immediate school and church communities and in the larger world community of which they are a part.

Produces students who are:
  • Gaining much needed experiences of what a life looks and feels like that chooses to love their neighbor as a natural outflow of their confession to love God.
  • Regularly giving of themselves in tangible selfless action flowing from a stream of conscious selfless thought.
  • Participating regularly in service opportunities provided for them and who ultimately begin to seek out and generate those opportunities on their own.
  • Global in their understanding of their place and privilege in the world community and who regularly use that consciousness to produce practical selfless engagement of those in need.

Friendships - Developing healthy personal friendships that influence them in a positive, Christ-honoring manner and bring them closer to an understanding of who God is and his plan for their lives.

Produces students who:
  • Possess the relational framework and support necessary for making God honoring decisions with their everyday lives.
  • Pursue friendships that place a high value on honoring God with their lives and are able to readily make distinction between those friendships that do and do not.
  • Regularly use their friendships as a tool to include, serve and help others, not to harm or exclude.
Personal Spiritual Disciplines

Personal Spiritual Disciplines - Develop the desire and ability to have a real and vibrant personal relationship with God through habits of personal spiritual discipline. (prayer, worship, solitude, time in meditation on God’s Word)

Produces students who:
  • Are able to recognize and understand God’s thoughts (his will) regarding the events of their everyday lives.
  • Are equipped to make decisions that honor God through an ever increasing knowledge of God (mind) and desire to be led by him (heart), through His Spirit.
  • Are more recognizably equipped to bear fruit in their everyday lives. (fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 4)
  • Are developing the ability to see God’s activity and movement in the world in such a way as to transcend the sometimes insular and myopic nature of Christian community and are showing evidence of a growing personal desire to be a part of that greater movement.
Morality and Decision-making

Morality and Decision-making - Developing the ability to make healthy, God-conscious decisions regarding morality.

Produces students who:
  • Evidence a desire for and establishment of clear personal moral boundaries.
  • Make moral decisions that reflect attention and responsibility to the true character of God as expressed in His Word.
  • Show evidence of actively making moral choices based not upon merely accepted or stereotypical Christian cultural practice but rather moral choices that flow from a deepening conviction concerning the things which honor God and those that do not in all of their various shades. (Decision making that evidences application of the “spirit of the law” and not merely “law”.)

Calling – Actively gaining an increased understanding of God’s particular equipping/gifting and subsequent calling on their lives.

Produces students who:
  • Show evidence of a greater degree of focus on becoming what God has made them to be.
  • Make choices based on whether or not that decision will add to or subtract from the realization of God’s calling on their lives.
  • Are more confident as they understand their gifts clearly and evidence a desire to pursue the use of those gifts to the fullest that God’s purposes might be maximized in their lives.