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Community Service

High School

Christian Heritage School is intentional about targeting the final portion of its mission statement which reads: “… to provide an education of spiritual and academic excellence with which to serve God” in part through the implementation of a vibrant community service requirement in the high school. Although the program is implemented in the middle school as well, high school students are required to log at least 80 hours before May 1st of their senior year. The fulfillment of these hours is part of the graduation requirement.

Guidelines and FAQ’s:

While it is ultimately the students’ responsibility to select an area in which they would like to engage and commit their time to service, the CHS Office of Student Ministries makes service opportunities available online through the X2vols system as they emerge in and around our community as we are made aware of needs.

Additionally, students regularly have timely local outreach and service opportunities put in front of them during our weekly chapel services where an imminent need is presented and an opportunity to sign up and serve provided. Often, these needs will require a proactive move on the students’ part to then contact the organization and simply say “Hey I’d like to serve with you for this need! Where do I need to be and when?” Again, these regular, imminent needs put before them in chapel are the students’ responsibility entirely to pursue for everything from initial point of contact to transportation to and from. The school is simply an information conduit to help resource students with knowledge of and contacts for timely needs in this way.

There is a lot of freedom here as it is the goal that students would choose something that they enjoy and that gives them an opportunity to exercise their gifts, interests and passions. Service hours must be completed without payment, outside the home, and through non-profit organizations. All CHS-related service hours must be approved by the counseling or the spiritual life office.

No. Raking your yard, mowing your lawn, dusting your bedroom (or a sibling’s!) does not count toward community service. Part of being a part of a family is serving one another. Even your extended family (grandparents) should be those whom you are regularly taking care of as a responsibility. Your surrounding community is something different altogether.


Students may log up to 8 hours per day, excluding travel days, for any multi-day project and mission trips. For example, students on a 6-day mission trip would log 4 days (excluding travel days) x 8 hours (maximum per day) = 40 hours of service hours.

Again, although service hours may be fulfilled through a variety of opportunities made available to students by the school, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to fulfill this requirement.

Organizations and Ministries

Bowery Mission
Bread of Heaven
I CARE Ministry - Bridgeport Bible Fellowship
Bridgeport Rescue Mission
Compassion International
Connecticut Food Bank
CPC In the Hill
Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center
Hands Against Hunger

Mercy Learning Center
Nehemiah Commission
Park City Prep Charter School
Pegasus Horse Show
Pivot Ministries
Church at the Seaside
SWIM Across the Sound
The Kennedy Center
The Lighthouse Program
Urban Impact
Wesley Village Crosby Commons Assisted Living