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The weekly Chapel service is designed for students to take time to corporately worship God and to be challenged in their Christian faith by those in our community. At the start of each Chapel we declare three identity statements. (1) I am not the point. (2) I am not alone. (3) I am a child of God. These reminders drive us toward humility, unity, and love.

Chapel topics can be divided into two distinct groups: (1) Discipleship and personal Christian development (internally focused) and (2) Global awareness and the spiritual and physical needs of the greater community (externally focused). Chapel speakers consist of local and global Christian leaders and ministry directors, missionaries, and CHS faculty members and parents.

Past Chapel speakers include:
  • Kofi Hagan, Director, World Vision Rwanda
  • Cliff Knechtle, Pastor/Christian Apologist
  • Rob Morris, President of Love 146
  • Lamont Hiebert, nationally renowned worship singer-songwriter

Pastors and youth leaders from the following local churches have led recent Chapel services:
  • Black Rock Church
  • Calvary Church
  • VOX Church
  • New Life Assembly of God