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Upper School

Dress Code

Polo Shirts – short or long sleeve
  • Single-colored white, navy blue, or black – button front with collar
  • Cobalt blue with Kingsmen logo from Lands’ End also permitted
  • Logos smaller than 2” in diameter
  • Loosely-fitted, hip-length – tucking optional
  • Grade 12 – Collared polo of any solid color
Oxford Shirts
  • White or light blue, without logos, or with logos smaller than 2” diameter; (shirts must remain buttoned to one less than the top button throughout the day)
  • Straight cut and tucked in for boys
  • Grade 12 – Oxford shirt/any solid color (flannel shirts are not oxfords and are not part of the dress code for Seniors.)
  • Khaki or navy blue – no cargo style
  • Properly sized (not sagging, not tight, and no visible undergarments)
  • Shorts must be no more than 5” above the knee
  • Worn over uniform shirt
  • Crew neck, v-neck, or cardigan
  • Solid color and knit – navy, burgundy, gray, white, or black; no patterns or stripes
  • Non-CHS coats, hats, mittens, etc. may be worn to school, but are to be kept in lockers during school day
  • Only CHS purchased and approved outerwear or hooded sweathsirts with CHS logo are permitted in class during the school day with hoods down. These items can be purchased during the school year, through the Parent Teacher League, or can be acquired through the athletic department.
  • Kingsmen outerwear distributed through the athletic department is permitted in class.
  • All outerwear must be properly fitted – not oversized
  • A dress code shirt must be worn underneath the outerwear
  • Clean and neat
  • No slippers or rubber/shower-type flip-flops
  • Socks are to be matching and solid blue, brown, black, or white in color
  • Neat in appearance
  • Boys – hair length should be modest. No extreme hair styles.
  • Boys – are to be clean-shaven
  • Boys – earrings and body piercing are not permitted
  • Girls – piercing is to be limited to the ears
Chapel Day (Tuesday)
  • White or light blue oxford shirts – tucked in (no polo shirts)
  • Boys must wear a tie
Kingsmen Day – Every Friday
  • Any CHS issued t-shirt, collared shirt, fleece, hoodie, jacket may be worn.(This includes shirts from past spring musicals, school trips, CHS athletics, etc.)
  • Blue jeans, dress code pants or dress code shorts.Blue jean shorts are not permitted.
  • All students will be given a CHS t-shirt at the beginning of the year.
Dress Down Days
  • No holes, torn or frayed jeans or pants
  • Shorts must be within 5” of the knee
  • Properly fitting shirts – shirts must have sleeves, CHS “mission appropriate” messages allowed
  • Properly-sized pants or jeans (not sagging, not tight fitting, and no visible undergarments)
  • No leggings or jeggings
  • No flannel or pajama pants
  • Reserved and modest necklines
  • No skirts or dresses
Never Allowed
  • Hats, outdoor type jackets or coats
  • Ripped, frayed or soiled clothing
  • Skirts, skorts, jumpers or dresses
  • Visible tattoos or visible undergarments
Field Trips

Students should plan to dress in standard school dress code for all field trips unless specified otherwise by the school administration and the sponsoring teacher. If students are allowed to dress down, they must comply with the "dress down" guidelines in the uniform "Dress Code" policy.

Paid and Free Dress Down Days

Dress down days will be announced at least three days in advance. Information regarding the specific benefit or organization assisted through paid dress down days will be provided prior to the specific day scheduled.

Dress Up and Special Event Dress

Girls are permitted to wear dresses with reserved and modest features. Dresses and skirts must be proper in style and material and not be tight fitting (questions and concerns should be addressed in advance by having the dress or ensemble approved by Upper School Office staff, administration or class sponsors). Neckline and hem length, including dresses and skirts with slits, should be in keeping with proper decorum for the event. As a specific standard, hem length and any visible skirt or dress opening should be no higher than 3" above the knee; necklines must be no lower than 3" inches below the collarbone; back openings must be at least 3" above the waist.