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Student Life: Spanning the Distance

At its core, CHS is about relationships...and, during this time of quarantine, being apart is often the hardest part.  Faculty and student leaders have come together to create a series of student life events that bring us together in new and beautiful ways.

The Kingsmen Quarantine Games

Student-led teams of middle school and high school students compete in a lively array of competitions, from the QuaranTrick-Shot Challenge to the Lip-Synch competition.  Then, students gather in a division-wide virtual format to view and vote on the top teams!  Prizes are awarded for best submission and highest percent participation.  Reach out to Coach Egan for details.

Thursdays in the Middle

Thursdays are a different kind of distance-learning day at CHS upper school, incorporating more flexible time to worship, create, move, make, serve, explore, and play.  In the middle school, this includes challenges that students can tackle, submitting evidence of success to earn points for their team.  Reach out to Dr. Parrish for details.

Kingsmen Chess Club

Upper school chess players at all levels are invited to join the Chess Club!  An online portal provides the venue for skill development, friendly matches, and maybe some competitions!  Reach out to Mr. Ketz for details.