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Student Experience


Chromebooks and other devices will be utilized to provide enhanced classroom learning experiences as well as facilitate continuity of learning during periods of absence or distance learning. Classrooms will be equipped with livestreaming technology so that students can engage in classroom instruction if at home for periods of time.

Cohorts and Block Classes

Students will remain cohorted by class throughout the day in the Lower School. In the Upper School, the block schedule will minimize the frequency of student movement through the hallway.


At the beginning of the school year, the Upper School will meet outdoors at the riverside property for corporate worship. We are thrilled to have a space to safely gather. In late September, we will begin a classroom chapel format where smaller groups of students will engage in rich discussion following the livestreamed/pre-recorded chapel. As guidelines change, we will adjust accordingly to provide the best chapel program possible. We will be focusing on the book of Jonah, and there will be a mini-series on racial reconciliation and social/emotional health that connects directly to God’s Word.

Lower School will have live chapels that take place with one cohort each week. There will be a Zoom call that allows the other classes/cohorts to watch at the same time. The live version of chapel will be hosted by a different class/cohort each week. This plan may be altered during the year depending on conditions. We will also be studying the book of Jonah and focusing on God’s love for all people and His willingness to use imperfect people in His perfect plan!

Physical Education Classes

Physical Education classes will be held either in the gymnasium where there is abundant room for social distancing or outside, weather permitting. When necessary, PE activities will focus more on individual fitness and health to minimize the physical contact that some team sports require. Additionally, the space in the gym is big enough for students to meet without issue.

Choir and Band

These classes will be held in spaces and in class sizes that allow social distancing as recommended by CT guidelines. The arrangement of seating will reflect the requirements for different types of instruments (e.g. wind, percussion) as well as for singing.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Wherever possible, activities will be held if modifications can be implemented safely.

The Student Ministries team is planning Upper School fall retreats for September to be one-day events and in keeping with guidelines for social distancing and other Return2Learn protocols. More information will be communicated through the Chaplain’s Office at the start of the year.

Fall Athletics: Athletes who participate on a fall team are receiving updates from their coaches and AD to hear about the modifications regarding the start of the season and practice schedule. Additional information will be provided to families regarding health procedures, schedule of play, spectator policies, social distancing practices, and other factors that are unique to this year. Equipment and athletic facilities will have enhanced cleaning protocols.