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Operations and Facility

Hallways and High Traffic Areas

Lower and Upper School schedules have been planned to minimize crowding in hallways. In the Upper School, some hallways will have one-way traffic flow, and lockers will not be available for use at the start of the school year. Information about where students can store their bags will be communicated by the Upper School Principal.


Chef Walter and FLIK are prepared for a variety of scenarios that may exist over the course of the year. Based on the current state guidelines, individual desks will be set up in the cafeteria for smaller lunch waves (up to 50) than in the past. Classes will be staggered to avoid crowding and enable social distancing. Masks will be worn by students while waiting in line for pick-up of prepackaged meal options and removed once seated. Outdoor seating (socially distanced) will be utilized as much as possible throughout the fall, and students will be dismissed through the cafeteria to the playground as weather permits. If the state guidelines become more restrictive, students will shift to eating in classrooms.


Lower School recess will be held outdoors, weather permitting, within existing cohorts. The current recommendations allow for outdoor recess with the precaution of cohorting the children. Teachers will help students with healthy practices such as hand washing and maintaining personal space.

Kingsmen Café

The Kingsmen Café is scheduled to open on Monday, October 5, 2020, with social distancing and other health protocols in place, provided the space is available at that time.

• An increase in facilities staff is in place to regularly clean, sanitize, and disinfect high traffic areas such as common areas, bathrooms, and high-touch surfaces.
• Classrooms will be provided with cleaning supplies so that teachers and students can sanitize workspaces and materials more frequently during the day. Upper School teachers and students will disinfect desks after each class.
• Bathrooms will have signs posted with personal hygiene practices as well as capacity. Staff is in place to monitor bathroom traffic.
• All HVAC air filters are being cleaned and disinfected regularly.
• A floor cleaning machine has been purchased to enable regular deep cleaning of floors throughout the building.
Water fountains

Students should plan to bring their own water bottles each day. In classrooms with sinks (primarily Lower School, some Upper School rooms), an adult will refill water bottles. Upper School students will have access to a touchless bottle filling station. The remaining water fountains will be temporarily closed.

• Classrooms will be arranged with desks facing the same direction and distanced 6 feet apart when feasible.
• Most Lower School classes and some Upper School classes have sinks that students can use to wash their hands during the day. All classrooms will be supplied with cleaning and sanitizing products.
• Desks will be disinfected between classes in the Upper School and at appropriate times during the day in the Lower School.
Main Office and Health Care Center

The Main Office and other shared office spaces in the building will be configured to provide social distancing among employees. Plexiglass dividers will be installed in the Main Office and Health Care Center. The Health Care Center has been remodeled with two separate rooms so that a sick child may rest privately and prevent the spread of illness.


To begin the year as safely as possible, we are restricting visitors from campus until October 5, 2020. If parents need to drop off items during the day, they may do so at the security desk. Additionally, parents may meet their child at the security desk if they have an early pick-up. Parents will be permitted in the building for scheduled appointments only. Contractors will be limited during the school day for repairs or needs that are impossible to address after school hours. CHS will be monitoring the number of visitors and will place limitations on numbers if deemed appropriate at times. All visitors will be expected to wear masks and follow social distancing practices while on campus.


Parking in the area by the loading dock and dumpster will be removed so that students may use that area for entering the building safely in the mornings and afternoons.