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Lower School

Dress Code

  • Polo Shirt – short or long sleeve, navy blue or white(Shirts may be untucked.)
  • Cobalt blue Kingsmen-logo shirts from Lands’ End are also acceptable.See display by Lower School library for samples and ordering information.
  • Oxford Shirt – short or long sleeve, light blue, navy blue or white
  • Blouse – short or long sleeve, collared, navy blue or white
Bottoms and Jumpers:
  • Jumpers/skirts/skorts – knee length, navy blue or khaki
  • Pants/shorts – mid-rise, knee length, navy blue or khaki – no cargo style, denim, corduroy, or sweat pants
  • Shoes – sneakers recommended for daily use, sneakers a requirement for gym class, no flip-flops or open toe shoes
  • Socks – socks are to be matching and solid blue or white
  • Tights/Leggings – solid blue or white, leggings to be worn under a skirt or jumper only
  • CHS sweatshirts or CHS fleeces (not oversized) permitted while in the building
  • Sweaters (white or navy blue) – must be worn over a dress code shirt or blouse.
  • Hair – natural color, neat in appearance, boys’ hair must be neat.Extreme hair styles are not permitted.
  • Jewelry – girls may have pierced ears
  • Gym Uniforms – Students will no longer be changing for gym
Kingsmen Fridays:
  • Students may wear blue jeans and any CHS t-shirt or CHS collared shirt.
  • All students will be given a CHS t-shirt at the beginning of the year.
  • Blue jeans, dress code pants or dress code shorts.Blue jean shorts are not permitted.
  • Regular dress code attire is fine as an alternative.
Dress-down and Dress-up Days:

During the course of the school year students will have the opportunity to "dress-down" or "dress-up".  On these special days students may wear non-uniform clothing.  However, on these days the expectations of neatness and appropriateness still hold.  Although it is impossible to remark on every outfit that a student may wear, please consider the "tone" of our uniform policy when making decisions on what your child chooses for these days.

  • No tattered, ripped or tight clothing, or inappropriate sayings or pictures are allowed.
  • Dress, skirt, or short lengths should be in line with uniform standards.
  • Shoes/sandals should be in line with uniform standards as a safety precaution for play.  No flip flops or other slip-on shoes.
Special Note:
Students may not wear hats during school hours unless specifically permitted by the administration. Girls
may not wear tank tops.  Modesty is the goal.

***All clothing must be of modest fit.