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Parent Questions

When will CHS shift back to traditional on-campus classes?
Health care specialists and political leaders are both driving components of the decisions informing our return to normalcy. At this point, neither the health professionals nor the political leaders can offer a reliable prediction of future action. Hence, it is most expedient to say that CHS will utilize distance learning methodologies for an indefinite period of time. CHS will promise to give parents as much notice as possible once a return-to-school date is determined.
Is school canceled?
No. Our approach is to continue delivering lessons through a distance learning format. Teachers will still be working full-time throughout the remainder of the year.
Will the school year be extended into the summer?
No. Our last day of school will still be June 10.

Student Questions

What time are my classes?
Classes will run as “normal.” For example, block 1 - 7:45 a.m. 
Do I need to be on my iPad or computer at 7:45 a.m.? 
Not necessarily, but you should check FACTS at 7:30 a.m. every morning. 
Do we have to attend live classes everyday?
Most teachers will not require live classes via Zoom. It will depend on the teacher. Again, make sure you check FACTS every morning. 
If we have a live class will we be notified?  
Yes, by 3:00 p.m. the day before.
How long should I expect to work for each class, each day?
It depends. As a generalization, each class will require 2-4 hours of work per week. 
Can a teacher assign work on a day you don’t have class?
Every assignment will be due no sooner than 24 hours from the time that it was assigned. For example, if work was assigned at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the earliest due date/time would be 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday.
Will we continue with A, B, C, and D weeks?
Yes, use your regular schedule on FACTS. I would recommend plugging that into a calendar that reminds you where to be when.
Will I need to be available after school hours?
Teachers own the class times. If a teacher is requesting to “meet” after school hours, it would be optional, but I don’t think this will occur. 
What about lunch break?
Schedule will run as a “normal” schedule, including lunch breaks. 
What are my expectations of study halls or frees?
None, but I would recommend that you use the time to do your work.
Is Thursday a late start?  
Yes, follow the regular schedule.
How long are we going to be doing this?
Unknown.  If you need help contact Mr. Parrish, Mr. Kwon, or Mrs. Hannibal.
How should I communicate to teachers?
You can communicate via email; however teachers will now start posting assignments and lesson plans on FACTS. Some teachers may use Google classrooms.
How can I get extra help from my teachers?
Contact your teacher. Your teachers can help you via phone, email, or a video conference call.
If I sent an email to TechHelp but haven’t gotten a response, what should I do?
Wait 24 hours then email Mr. Kwon or Dr. Parrish for further assistance.
Will I have access to YouTube?
Yes, students will have access YouTube on your iPads with limited access.
What if I have tech issues?
Contact tech helpline:
Will restrictions be taken off of my iPad?
Restrictions will still exist. If you have trouble accessing something for class, email the tech helpline and notify the teacher. 
What about chapel?
Mr. Persson is heavily focused on “community” and is working hard to provide some format of chapels every Thursday and has already begun posting daily devotions. 
Is the spring sports trip canceled?
Are we having end of year trips?  
This is still being decided.  As of now they are on. If we have to cancel, we’ll try to come up with something different that is later in the year.
Will there be finals?
We are unsure at this time. Please continue to put your best effort in your classes.
Will I have homework on the weekends?
Yes, you may have homework on the weekends. This is still school. 
What about tests and quizzes?
You will have altered tests and quizzes. The format of assessments may change. You will find that many of your classes will transition to more daily work rather than quizzes and tests. You might have open notes. You will probably have fewer tests than you normally would.
How will tests be given?  
Different ways. Google Classroom offers a lot of different assessment styles, and we will get more comfortable with that platform and others as we move ahead.
Will everything I need be on FACTS?
Yes. Teachers need to post all work or directions on FACTS. They will also post links to live chats that they have recorded there. FACTS is the hub for everything, the one-stop shop.
Will all the work that we do be recorded in FACTS?  
Yes, grades will still go into the grade book just like they did before.
Is there any extra credit work if I finish early?  
Teachers will set the guidelines and will communicate with you.
What about current outstanding makeup work?
Reach out to your teacher and ask for guidance. 
Are teachers supposed to have specific times for due dates?
If there is confusion, reach out to your teacher. But, deadlines will not be prior to 24 hours after classroom assignments are given.
Will we get grades from work done before this shift to distance learning?  
Yes. Contact your teacher to see a copy of papers you hadn’t gotten back yet.
Will we finish the curriculum and complete our grade?
We will. We are confident in you!
What about classes like choir or band?
Your teachers (art and music) will communicate with you on your assignments/expectations. Wait to hear from your teachers and check FACTS.
Will there be electives?  
Yes.  For example:
  • Mr. Flowers said he is planning on preparing students for the band concert by playing every part of every song on every instrument.  He will help you through videos.
  • If you had art at 1:00 at Tuesday, you still will.
  • Mr. Dunmore will post workouts and expectations for those.
Will flex classes exist?
Flex class teachers may be post enrichment activities, but there will be no required work for students in these classes.
Will teachers take attendance?
You will need to “attend” to the matters to the class; however, we recommend that you do your best to “attend” class every day, so that you don’t fall behind. 
What should I do about missing textbooks or if I have trouble with e-textbooks? 
Contact your teacher and email the tech helpline:
Am I able to be on campus?
You can come on campus only if necessary and are not in a group. If you have left something here, call the main office before dropping in to pick it up. Be sure that the office is open before you arrive.
What happens if I am sick? 
Please contact Mr. Kwon; reach out to your teachers. Be proactive in communicating. Don’t wait to let teachers figure out why you are not attending to your work. Help us to help you.
Is there such thing as online detention?  
There are certainly behavioral guidelines that teachers will create, and, thus, there is such a thing as misbehavior. We will deal with issues on a case-by-case matter, but we are hopeful that issues will be absolutely minimal.
Could I be counted tardy? 
We are not recording tardiness. We are recording whether or not you are completing the work. Being on time will help you have clarity in completing your work well.  If work isn’t turned in when it’s supposed to be turned in, there are late work penalties.  Teachers are watching to see if you are keeping up. If you are paying attention to things, you will likely find your grades will go up.
Is this an honor system?  
Sometimes it will be; sometimes a parent may be asked to sign something stated that you completed an assignment. Mostly, the work will not be the kind on which cheating would help you at all.
Do we need to wear uniform for Zoom?  
If I miss a live session, what should I do?  
It will be recorded; watch or listen when you are able. If you are sick, communicate with Mrs. Hannibal or with your teachers proactively.