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This information is subject to change.

How is CHS monitoring the health of students and staff?

In order to monitor student’s health, parents must inform the school of the reason for their child’s absence. For the safety of our school community, it is vital that we are notified if your child is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, particularly if they have had known contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. The School Nurse will monitor communicable illness trends and report to the Director of Nursing, CHS Administration and/or the Trumbull Health Department if needed.  Staff will also be asked to monitor their health for any signs/ symptoms of illness and communicate those symptoms with the School Nurse.  CHS will also be monitoring attendance trends. When a child is absent, parents will be required to provide information that communicates the health status of the child so that the School Nurse can continue to monitor the health of the school community.
Updated 8/14/20

What is the plan for if a student at CHS tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student (or staff member) tests positive for COVID-19, the Trumbull Health Department and CHS Administration will be notified and follow the guidelines for responding to COVID-19 scenarios HERE. The Head of School will communicate the school’s course of action with CHS families.
Updated 8/14/20

What happens if a student becomes ill during the school day?

If a student becomes ill during the school day, parents will be contacted and requested to pick up their child as soon as possible. If a child is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or another contagious illness, the child will wait in a separate monitored space to prevent illness spread to other children in the Health Office. Depending on symptoms, parents may be advised to contact their child’s pediatrician for follow up and/ or COVID testing. 

Please make sure that your emergency contact information is updated in FACTS. It is imperative that there are several reliable emergency contacts listed.

How will learning continue if my child has to remain home for a period of time?

As has always been the case, we will work with families whose children need to be at home temporarily for one reason or another. For instance, this fall many classrooms will be equipped with technology that allows some livestreaming of instruction in order to facilitate student learning as much as possible.  However, as school reopens in person, we cannot guarantee an uncompromised experience for those out of school; as a result, being present is the only thing that can guarantee the ideal learning experience at CHS.

We understand there may be a very small number of parents whose student(s) may be unable to begin classes in person on September 2nd. When we are closer to the start of the school year, please communicate this information to the division principals.

How will large-group activities or classes, such as lunch, recess, PE, band, choir, and chapel be structured?

These activities and classes will take place and follow current state guidelines of distancing. Please refer to the reopening plan for details.

Will there be childcare after school (Kingsmen Kids) or before-school care on Wednesday’s late start?

On Wednesday mornings, while the faculty and staff have professional development, childcare will be provided for students in grades K-5 from 7:20 a.m. – 8:50 a.m. for families who have a work-related reason to drop off early. Kingsmen Kids will continue to be offered after school.  Additional procedures for Lower and Upper School may be found in the reopening plan.
Updated 8/14/20

Will visitors be allowed on campus?

To begin the year as safely as possible, we are restricting visitors from campus until October 5, 2020. If parents need to drop off items during the day, they may do so at the security desk. Additionally, parents may meet their child at the security desk if they have an early pick-up. Parents will be permitted in the building for scheduled appointments only. Contractors will be limited during the school day for repairs or needs that are impossible to address after school hours. CHS will be monitoring the numbers of visitors and will place limitations on numbers if deemed appropriate at times. All visitors will be expected to wear masks and follow social distancing practices while on campus.
Updated 8/14/20

How is CHS making decisions about implementing state requirements and recommendations?

As a private school, CHS has the flexibility to adapt quickly as conditions change; additionally, our small class sizes provide many opportunities to be nimble in our planning and decision-making. The recent school reopening plan for the state of Connecticut has provided parameters that are important for us to evaluate as we seek to protect the safety and health of our students and staff on campus. In general, CHS is following the guidelines that are posted as required for all public schools in Connecticut. However, only the recommended items that pertain to our specific setting and reflect the needs of our school community will be implemented.

What is the expectation for wearing masks?

The state of Connecticut’s school reopening plan requires that masks be worn by everyone on campus. All students, staff, and visitors will wear masks throughout the day in high traffic areas such as hallways, lobbies, and school entrances. However, students and teachers will be permitted to take mask breaks at various points during lessons, as deemed appropriate by teachers during activities when social distancing can still be in place. As a K-12 school comprised of many developmental levels, the timing and nature of those breaks will naturally vary by grade level. Teachers will also be permitted to teach portions of lessons without masks as long as they can maintain the appropriate distance in their particular teaching setting.

If CHS must continue with or move to distance learning in 2020-2021, what is the potential impact on tuition?

The real costs of a CHS education continue during such a period, and the faculty and staff must work harder during these distance learning sessions.  The cost of our faculty and staff compensation is a large percentage of our school budget.  Given that our quality, mission-appropriate and committed Christian faculty and staff are the cornerstone of the CHS educational mission, we cannot easily add and subtract this cost as learning modes change.  

At this point, there are no plans to refund tuition under distance learning conditions, but we will continue to monitor the situation and evaluate our options as new information becomes available.  The Board has allocated additional funds for discounts for families whose incomes have been negatively affected by the pandemic.  For information about this program, please contact Vicky Wiegand, Director of Finance, for the appropriate application form. 

Will I receive my deposit back if I withdraw my student(s) for next school year?

Our perpetual enrollment policy states that after the February 28 deadline (April 30 for families who have applied for a variable tuition by February 28) students are considered to be enrolled for the next school year, and all deposits and fees are non-refundable.  In addition, our policy states that tuition is due in full for the next school year if the deadline has passed by the time a written notification of withdrawal is received by the Finance Office.

The reason for this policy is that the School commits to a large percentage of its annual operating costs each spring before the next school year begins.  We have to be able to predict our enrollment levels for the next year in order to ensure that we have the appropriate staffing and supply levels for the coming year. 

We understand that some parents are making difficult decisions this summer related to their student’s education for the coming school year.  However, the school has committed to a large portion of its expenses for the 2020-2021 school year by this time, relying on the perpetual enrollment of our students to form the basis for our estimated costs.  CHS has already made commitments to our faculty and staff for 20-21, and we are counting on our parents to uphold their tuition agreements so we can continue to honor our commitment to staff/faculty.  We know this is a difficult situation that was neither created by our school nor our parents.  We will do all we can to help families honor the tuition commitment in a way that is consistent for all families and provides care and flexibility while still allowing CHS to honor our commitments to staff/faculty.
Updated 8/14/20

What is happening with fall athletics?

Our goal is to have our Kingsmen athletes back on the fields, courts, courses, and pools. Currently, the CHS Athletic department intends to operate a fall varsity athletics season within parameters that safeguard the health of students. The Athletic Director is communicating those updates to coaches, athletes, and families.  
Updated 8/14/20

How can I help alleviate my child’s anxiety about returning to school in the fall?
  • Develop a routine prior to school starting (bedtime, healthy breakfast, preparing school materials night before).
  • Practice wearing a mask correctly.
  • Practice hand washing.
  • Discuss possible changes with your child including drop off, how lunch and class time may be different. 
  • Have a practice day (pack backpack, practice morning routine, drive to school, play on playground).
  • Attend the Return to Learn Day – a practice day for students by grade level.
  • Reconnect with classmates prior to school via Zoom or FaceTime. 
  • If your child is experiencing unusual anxiety, please reach out to their teacher or counselor.
  • Refer to “Helpful Resources” section for additional resources.
Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?
For additional questions regarding school reopening plans, please contact:
Dr. Michael Dube, Head of School – 
Dr. Seth Parrish, Upper School Principal- 
Mrs. Carlye Hay, Lower School Principal – 
Ms. Kari Watkins, School Nurse – 
Ms. Kim Baylis, R2L Team, Academic Dean -

 Updated 8/14/20