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CHS Distance Learning


Lower School teachers will have lessons posted by 8:00 a.m. each morning.  Depending upon the grade, you can expect one and a half to two hours of work a day.  You will receive your child's daily assignments via a FACTS email.  Please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the email. That is where you will find any and all attachments needed for that day.  You may also discover links to exciting learning sites embedded in the email.  Teachers will be accessible via email during regular school hours.  Please contact your child's teacher with any questions regarding their lessons and the way they would like to receive your child's work.  Depending upon the grade level, there may be different ways for "submitting" your child's daily work. 
  • All teachers will have the day’s plans posted by 7:45 a.m. each morning. These plans will be posted with due dates, anticipated length of time noted for each assignment, and purpose (practice, preparation, creation, or extension) of the work. 
  • Families will find postings for assignments and grades in FACTS gradebooks. Students are responsible for attending to teacher postings on FACTS for each class on each day. Classroom attendance is required and is defined by (a) virtual presence during live sessions, (b) virtual presence via asynchronous session, or (c) by submission of work as required by given due dates. Graded assignments will be posted in the gradebooks as you know them. Please be sure your children check school email and FACTS at the beginning and end of each school day. Our school day hours and schedule remain intact.
  • Please help your children begin to establish school day routines. For full credit on assignments, students need to complete them on time. 
  • Middle School flex classes may post enrichment activities, but there will be no required work for these classes.
  • When live class sessions occur, students will be notified a day in advance of the class meeting. These sessions will occur during the regularly scheduled class time. These sessions will also be recorded and posted with a link in FACTS for students unable to attend. Students will be accountable for having viewed the recorded lesson prior to the following day’s class meeting.
  • Teachers will be accessible via email during regular school hours and will conduct classes during class times on the regular school schedule.
  • Students and families may access technology assistance resources that we have created. As of Tuesday, March 24, all Upper School students will be accountable for familiarity with technology tools we have made available. Teachers will be helping students practice usage between now and then. The central access point for technology assistance will be by email to The technology department will be regularly monitoring and responding as quickly as possible.
  • Guidance counselors, Mr. Kwon and Mrs. Hannibal, will be accessible through email during regular school hours and able to assist students as needed. We are concerned about loneliness, and we are creating community building endeavors.
  • Assessments will in general be in smaller chunks (fewer tests and more daily assignments), be oriented around unique responses from each student (short answers as opposed to multiple choice questions), be connected with participation in essential sessions, and may involve one-on-one correspondence with teachers. Some assessments will involve parent validation of assignment completion. All will be centered on essentials and will be available for both students and parents in FACTS.
  • Parents should expect personal communication when students are not participating in class as is required. Such issues would also be referred to guidance offices. Please contact your child’s teachers with any questions. We have also assigned advisors to each student. These faculty members will check in with students.
  • Weekly Parent Meetings. Dr. Parrish will host a Thursday meeting for high school and for middle school parents. Information dispensed at these meetings will be shared on a parent posting that we will build out in FACTS within the Family Portal.
         Middle School Parent Zoom Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 8:00-8:45  
         High School Parent Zoom Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 9:00-9:45