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Kingsmen Kids After School Program



The Kingsmen Kids After School Program is provided for Christian Heritage School Lower School students in Kindergarten - 5th grades. It is designed to serve the needs of parents who require assistance on an occasional, regular or weekly basis after regular school hours.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Christian Heritage School policy requires that all Lower School students grades K through 5 must be under adult supervision while on the school campus, and the Kingsmen Kids After School Program offers a safe, fun, neighborhood environment right at CHS!  Each afternoon, there is a snack provided (either crackers or fruit with water). Parents are welcome to send a snack for after school (no snacks containing nuts, please).  There is a small library of books, games, and puzzles for younger students to enjoy.  We also provide fun activities intended to reinforce classroom studies. Students are encouraged to work on their homework with assistance if needed and can participate in organized, indoor activities as well as outdoor free play (weather permitting).

When is it?

The Kingsmen Kids After School Program is available from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. each day and follows the CHS school calendar.  After school care is not available on the days of parent teacher conferences, early dismissal days due to inclement weather, or any days that school is not in session.

Who will be taking care of my student?
Mrs. Hilda Humphries, Kingsmen Kids After School Program Director, and one to two adult/teen workers will care for the students each afternoon:
  • Mrs. Humphries has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is CPR certified.  She has two daughters currently enrolled in CHS.
  • Mrs. Cindy Robbers is CPR certified and has a daughter enrolled in CHS.  Cindy is an alternate contact should you have questions about the program.
What is MyProcare?

CHS now uses an after-school software application called MyProcare which allows electronic sign in-out via an iPad. Through this app, parents can access their billing account, receive student updates and messages, and find their student pick up location (all in real time). If you wish to sign up for the Kingsmen Kids After School Program, please contact Hilda Humphries at You will receive an electronic invitation from MyProcare with a link and instructions for downloading the App.  You will be invoiced on the 5th of the month for services provided during the previous month through MyProcare, based on the payment option you have chosen.

How much is it?
Families will have a choice of payment options:
  1. Unlimited Use Plan - $2,500 per child.  Allows unlimited use of the Kingsmen Kids After School Program services for the entire school year. This plan can be paid annually, or in 10 installments of $250 a month.
  2. Occasional Monthly Plan - $250 a month. You may choose the months that you would like to receive services.  This plan will be billed for the selected month(s).
  3. Occasional Day or Emergency Use - $9 an hour, billed the month after services are provided.

Please note that all plan payments are due on the 15th of each month.

All Lower School students are automatically registered in Kingsmen Kids, so parents can use the program at any time and need not worry in the event of an unexpected delay in picking up their child(ren) after school.  All Lower School students remaining at CHS after 2:55 p.m. will be sent to the Kingsmen Kids After School Program by their teachers.  

Upon arrival at CHS parents sign out their child(ren) from Kingsmen Kids After School from a designated Kingsmen Kids staffer and normal charges for the Kingsmen Kids After School Program will apply.  

Billing for students not on an unlimited or monthly plan is done in increments of one minute, beginning at 2:45 p.m. for kindergarten students and at 2:55 for those requiring occasional or emergency use. Charges are based on 1 minute increments at an hourly rate of $9.00 per hour.  The hours recorded from Kinderlime are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Kinderlime offers a convenient way to pay through the app, or you may bring your payment to the CHS Finance Office.  No cash or checks will be exchanged at the Kingsmen Kids After School Program. 

The Kingsmen Kids After School Program closes at 5:30 p.m.  Late fees totaling $1 per minute are charged after that time, regardless of the payment plan chosen.

Please note that for safety reasons, though CHS is a neighborhood like environment, a student should may not leave the CHS premises without being signed out by a program staffer.
Thank you for your interest in the Kingsmen Kids After School Program. If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs. Hilda Humphries by email at

Mrs. Hilda Humphries

Kingsmen Kids After School Director

Kinderlime App Has Changed

Kinderlime is the platform Kingsmen Kids use for attendance and invoicing.  Effectively immediately, Kinderlime has merged with Procare. The software app has been updated and rebranded but continues to have all the previous functionality you expect.  Other than ensuring your app is updated, there will be no additional actions needed.  Please contact Hilda Humphries if you have any questions (