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Winterim 2020

January 16, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Winterim 2020

For the first three days back from Christmas vacation, our usual classes did not meet – but learning continued with “Winterim.”  Students met in small groups with faculty and community members to explore new realms, new experiences, new skills, and new relationships.  For this week’s Featured Story, Upper School Principal Seth Parrish shares some observations about this year’s Winterim.

Some of our students went abroad exploring Poland and Germany; others went north skiing Killington.

Students learned valuable life skills from auto mechanics to self-defense.

Students tried out fencing or rock climbing or learned dance.

Various groups learned how to make sausage from scratch, how to pickle vegetables, and how coffee beans are roasted.

Artists made calligraphy and paper mache masks.

Students went out to significant historical colonial sites, others visited Connecticut museums.

They prepared for upcoming debates, learned playwriting, recorded their voices in studios.

Middle school students were spotted exploring local attractions at which other visitors commented on their character. When some of the middle schoolers were at the zoo on Monday, several parents who did not know CHS approached our sponsors and asked where these wonderful students went to school.

Everyone spent some time with peers they did not know so well, and teachers with whom they had never interacted. Our community is better for Winterim.

We are thankful to all who sacrificed time and energy to lead courses. It takes a village to pull this off.

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