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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Virtual Turkeys, Tangible Trimmings, and a Warm Coat

October 29, 2019
By Christine Reid

What do those three things have in common, you ask?  Why, Bridgeport Rescue Mission’s Great Thanksgiving Project, of course!  And, once again, CHS will proudly partner with BRM in a school-wide effort to collect as many warm coats, side-dish items and virtual turkeys as possible. 

“The first thing I think of,” says one CHS student about the annual drive, “is that it’s a nice opportunity to be selfless and give back.”

This project is one expression of our LIGHT initiative – “Local Investment in Gospel Hope and Truth.”  As Mr. Persson, CHS chaplain, explains, “LIGHT is about living with God’s mission in mind right where He has uniquely placed us.  Christ wants our presence to be felt by those around us so that His presence and glory might be shared.”  Bridgeport Rescue Mission and Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull are this year’s community partners for this initiative. 

For our participation in the Great Thanksgiving Project, the school’s goal is simple: to assist Bridgeport Rescue Mission in their effort to make sure every family has a turkey on their Thanksgiving table.  And, to get everyone inspired, there will also be some healthy competition among the classes.  A prize will be awarded to each winning lower, middle and high school class that collects the most weight in food.  Donating a virtual turkey is easy and a great way to get points – a $20 turkey equals 20 pounds of food – and you don’t have to donate the entire turkey; you can donate any dollar amount you like.  The link to donate a virtual turkey is here.  This link is to CHS’s own virtual turkey page, so you can donate directly to your own team – it’s really cool! 

The food and coat drive runs from Oct. 21-Nov. 13; the competition ends at 11:59 on Nov. 13.  Late donations will be accepted until 1:00 p.m. on Nov. 14, at which time all food and clothing will be loaded into vehicles and taken by CHS students to Bridgeport Rescue Mission as part CHS's Day of Service.  Please note that coats – while desperately needed - are not part of the competition.