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Students Publish CHS’s First Literary Magazine

April 30, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Students Publish CHS’s First Literary Magazine

You can enjoy the first edition of Paper + Ink here.

Something is missing, thought junior Rachel Brooks.  CHS needed a venue for student writers and artists to share and showcase their work.  “I wanted to be a part of a publication that would allow the diverse voices of the community to be expressed…to evolve and grow as they hear and are heard,” she reflects.

Back in November, Rachel pitched her idea to CHS English teacher Mr. Chase.  “Having served as an editor of a journal in college, I knew how much work it would take,” says Mr. Chase of his reluctance to initiate a project of this magnitude in the past.  “I knew that if it wasn’t enough of a student-led vision, it would be nothing but an uphill battle.  Because Rachel had come to me with a lot of initiative and plans already in mind, however, I told her that I would help in any way I could.”

After six months of intensive collaboration with other student leaders, that initial impulse has taken shape as Paper + Ink, our school’s first literary magazine: a collection of original poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and photography.

The first issue is a beautifully designed web-based publication with a sparse, sophisticated aesthetic intended to highlight and celebrate students’ work.  That objective wasn’t easy to achieve, according to design and layout editor Hannah Bruce.  “I never quite knew until now how long it takes to make a picture fit perfectly onto a page, figure out what layout to use, or know what the order of the magazine should be,” says Hannah. “This has definitely been a learning experience, but I delighted in slowly piecing together the first edition of Paper and Ink.” 

From Hannah’s perspective, that painstaking design work brought other rewards, too.  “Throughout the process, I was continually amazed how the art and literature coincided and often spoke to each other,” she reflects.  Executive editor Rachel Brooks agrees.  Though incredibly diverse, these works of student writing and art create “something cohesive,” like fabric squares in a beautiful quilt, she observes.

The result has been well worth the investment of time and effort, according to the students involved.  “I am so glad that we have this opportunity so that more students can show their literary and artistic talents to the public,” says photography editor Tina Ma. 

And, the students hope, their initiative will live on with many future editions of Paper + Ink.

The staff of Paper + Ink are:

Rachel Brooks, Editor-in-Chief, Poetry Editor
Amanda Shipman, Fiction Editor
Ymonie Humphries, Nonfiction Editor
Andrea Piraneque, Art & Photography Editor
Tina Ma, Photography Editor
Robin Cao, Photography Editor
Hannah Bruce, Design and Layout Editor