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Kingsmen Stories


Student Feature: Salt and Light #5

January 27, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Salt and Light: Jordyn, CHS junior

We’re highlighting testimonials from students who have participated in recent SALT trips.  SALT stands for Serving and Learning Together in Jesus’ name.  For more information about SALT, click here.

Uganda was an amazing trip for me and our team. I saw God work in our team in so many ways.

The first day there you could tell we didn't know what we had gotten into, but we were all willing to jump right into whatever they needed us for. Over the two weeks we were there our team painted murals in the houses, inventoried a school’s attic and their P.E. closet, and painted their newly finished basketball court during the day; and, when the kids were let out of school, we put on a VBS for them.

When we were doing the VBS the smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless, and you could see that the little things like playing games or doing a craft are things they don't do every day and are grateful for.  The day we finished painting the basketball court you could see the smiles and how thankful they were that we did that for them.  We all grew strong as a team over the time we were there, and we all grew stronger in Christ because of the experiences we encountered with the kids and the mamas.

My favorite part of the trip was the worship night because everyone from Restoration Gateway and all the missionaries spent four hours singing and dancing with enthusiasm I’ve never seen before, all for the glory of God.  We went there trying to make an impact on them, but I know I speak for everyone on our team that they made a huge impact on us.