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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Student Feature: Salt and Light #4

January 13, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Salt and Light: Peter, CHS freshman

We’re highlighting testimonials from students who have participated in recent SALT trips.  SALT stands for Serving and Learning Together in Jesus’ name.  For more information about SALT, click here.

Four times and counting, I have returned to The Philadelphia Project (TPP) through CHS and Calvary Church. It’s a unique experience to come alongside TPP and love on the people of Philadelphia and show them who Jesus is in our actions.

I’ve had the opportunity to serve in kids’ camp which I can’t say is work, as you play, read Bible stories, and have a lot of fun with the children. It’s all about giving your time and attention; and the kids are so grateful – myself, too. I also spent time in construction at Mrs. Lola’s house. I was there to tile a bathroom and paint a porch, and we got back more than we gave her. She spent time to talk to us about our faith; and, as a former teacher, she had me write a Bible verse out and explain what it meant to me.

Serving alongside my friends was meaningful. Some of us were friends before going, some were just classmates, and some I really didn’t quite know. But spending a week serving together, worshiping and sharing in small groups built deeper and more intimate friendships. The Holy Spirit fills you and by the end of the week serving you are richer for it.

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