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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Student Feature: Salt and Light

December 16, 2019
By Kingsmen Website
Salt and Light: Mia, CHS senior

We’re highlighting testimonials from students who have participated in recent SALT trips.  SALT stands for Serving and Learning Together in Jesus’ name.  For more information about SALT, click here.

During the summer following my freshman year, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Zacapa, Guatemala with the school. To this day, I am assured that there is no other reason for how I ended up on the trip; it was all God’s doing. I had never left the country or traveled far without my parents. I was fairly unequipped in terms of sharing my faith, speaking Spanish, and interacting with children. Nevertheless, I stepped out of my comfort zone and had the experience of a lifetime.

As expected, I was timid and slightly awkward at first, but as the trip progressed I became increasingly more comfortable. I was forming friendships with students I’d never talked to previously, being a part of unforgettable events, and touching the lives of others just as they had GREAT effects on mine. Though I usually enjoy contributing in a more tangible way, such as painting a house or serving meals, perhaps my most favorite moment of the trip took place on the final day.

I had walked up to the children’s hospital with a few friends during free time. There, I met this adorable little boy—he must have been two or three years old—who stood in his crib and tossed out a little green ball to me. I smiled and placed the ball back in his tiny palm, and upon reception he immediately threw it out onto the floor again before giggling. We continued this cycle until he set the ball down and reached his arms up for me to pick him up, and I obliged. Though this little boy doesn’t have much, something as simple as spending half an hour playing with him made him feel so special, and in turn, I felt so special; the way his face lit up was unforgettable. Thus, I learned one of the greatest parts about missions: you may think you go on a missions trip solely to serve and bless others, but in doing so you yourself will also be immeasurably blessed by the people you meet and experiences you have.

Karly H says:
January 09, 2020 12:00 PM CST

Well done on stepping out of your comfort zone, Mia. What a sweet story. I pray you are always eager to say “yes” to what God Has for you, today and in the days to come!