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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Harvard Model Congress 2021

March 01, 2021
By Kingsmen Website

Led by Patricia Liu, CHS sent 13 students to Harvard Model Congress this past February 19-21. They spent three days debating and learning alongside 1200 students from all over the globe. 

Though the conference was run entirely on Zoom this year, the level of organization and intentionality behind building a welcoming and accessible space at HMC this year left an overwhelmingly positive impression amongst students and faculty advisors alike. That the HMC staffers (all Harvard undergrads) were able to create a real sense of community at an online conference with over a thousand students was truly impressive and inspiring.

The six students representing CHS in District Court this year took home an honorable mention for their performance as attorneys, witnesses, and jurors in this mock trial-esque special program at HMC. Of note is the fact that they won both cases that were assigned to them ahead of time (one of those wins being against the team from my former high school, which I was particularly proud of them for), as well as the fact that they prepared and argued a surprise case on Sunday morning with less than four hours of prep time. Their performance in that trial (where they went up against the team that eventually won Best Delegation) was truly riveting to watch. The presiding judge also commented that it was the best performance he had seen in the entire conference. All to say -- we have some really gifted students in our community. The six students on this year's District Court team were seniors Matthew Agate, Jeremiah Harrington, Will Kneen, Adam Opp, Rainey Smith, and junior Alex Angelini.

We also had students do an exemplary job in the Senate Foreign Relations and Judiciary committees, the House Climate Crisis and Education & Labor committees, as well as the Supreme Court special program. In addition to the six listed above, the students who attended HMC this year were seniors Jesiah Reinmund and Lydia Welborn, juniors Caleb Augustin, Nathan Nagel, and Sam Palomba, sophomore Claire Snyder, and freshman James Sikora.

During the conference, I tasked our students with one additional assignment: creating art as a way of processing their experiences, expressing their thoughts, and documenting their unique time at HMC this year. Those works of art (with commentary from students) have been compiled into a video that can be viewed here. It is unexpectedly moving at parts! I encourage you to take a few minutes to see not just the artistic talents that our kids have, but also their keen attunement to everything happening in and around them and their ability to make meaning of it all.

Upcoming events:  Columbia Model Congress (March 2021) and PennMC (April 2021).

Nancy Yerinides says:
March 06, 2021 09:10 PM CST

Wow ! What a blessing you all are! Congratulations on this weekend’s Model Congress ! Nancy

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