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Kingsmen Stories


Diversity Week 2020

May 06, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Diversity Week 2020

Community.  It’s a central theme in the Bible and a cherished, defining feature of CHS.

The kind of deep, authentic community that characterizes God’s Kingdom doesn’t just happen, though, as Miss Liu reminded us in a recent chapel message.  It’s a result of God’s refining processes in our lives – processes that we are called to participate in.

“We are looking for God to purify our hearts into the shape of something truly welcoming of people…to be able to replicate the Kingdom of God into the community that we so long after,” says Miss Liu.  “It takes active work.  We look for opportunities to engage in that active work, and Diversity Week is one of those opportunities.”

Diversity Week is a project of Imago Dei, a high school club of which Miss Liu is the faculty advisor, and it is a highly anticipated annual event.

This year, learning-at-a-distance is presenting design challenges for an event meant to bring us together.  “It goes without saying that Diversity Week will look different this year,” says Miss Liu. “We thought carefully about the things that really matter about Diversity Week and how to best bring those things to our community right now.”

Two initiatives emerged as winning community-builders.

The first will be a book comprised of short essays written by CHS students that capture stories, thoughts, and feelings from their vantage point as the world experiences this pandemic together. The volume, entitled Peace With Us, May 2020, aims to capture an authentic, diverse view of the human experience during this unique time in history -- something that will potentially become a piece of history itself -- an artifact. 

“While it might seem like ‘nothing has been happening’ as we stay quarantined in our homes, many of our students have been doing a lot of internal processing,” says Miss Liu.  “They’re thinking a lot about how our world has irreversibly changed as a result of this pandemic; how the outbreak has both divided and unified people and communities; how its effect on government and economics might shape their dreams for the future. There's a lot to process. This book of essays aims to capture a bit of that process.”

The second is a reprise of last year’s successful student-led coffee shop event, “All Together, Now!” – in a virtual format.  All current CHS students are invited to submit a video of a meaningful song, poem, or story that will be edited into a virtual concert that will be "aired" on Friday, May 8th.

Both the book and the concert are opportunities for students to understand and be understood in new ways.  “As a club that advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Imago Dei chooses to focus in on the experiences and stories of students of color because those things often go unseen,” explains Miss Liu. “But the spirit of making space for voices and perspectives to be heard can extend beyond that, as well.”

Thus, the submissions for this year's book and virtual concert are not limited to students of color, nor are they restricted to stories highlighting race, culture, and diversity. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

"All Together, Now!" will be streamed Friday, May 8th at 7:30 here.