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Kingsmen Quarantine Games: Community Over Distance

April 22, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Kingsmen Quarantine Games: Community Over Distance

By all accounts, CHS students, faculty, and families have adjusted remarkably well to the distance-learning format necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The hardest part: we all miss the fun and fellowship of being together.

Announcing: the Kingsmen Quarantine Games, a new initiative by Coach Egan, Mr. Persson, and several of our CHS seniors.  “One of the strengths of CHS is our community,” says Egan.  “We wanted to continue building our community but in a new way, the same way our learning has to happen now.”

The Games are designed to foster fun and friendly competition among the upper school student body, even over distance.  Upper school students have been divided into teams, each led by two seniors.  As challenges are announced, each team competes for two prizes: best showing, and highest percentage participation.

The Games kicked off at the high school with the QuaranTrick-Shot Challenge.  Team leaders collected videos from their team members and edited them together into trick shot video collages featuring everything from outdoor feats of athleticism to coins tossed into a tiny jar across a living room.  Through a live web-based gathering, high school students voted for the best submission.  Even the faculty submitted an entry!

Next up: middle schoolers are working on their own QuaranTrick-Shot Challenge, while high schoolers compete in an epic lip-sync video competition.

Running division-wide games at a distance is a challenge best undertaken by a team.  “Our seniors, who have led so well throughout their careers at CHS, have gone above and beyond and have stepped up to lead the other students,” notes Coach Egan.

CHS senior Hope says she got involved as a leader “because I wanted to help the high school grow closer even though we weren’t together. I hope that we can all enjoy the games and grow together as a student body.”  Anisa, another senior leader, looks forward to “keeping a bit of the competitive spirit we all have,” in hopes that “students will dive into the activities with a motivated attitude and join us in the fun!”  And, as many special events that students look forward to are bound to look different this year, senior leader Chrissy sees the Games as “a great way to continue to make memories,” adding, “we can still grow together and have some friendly (very competitive) competition!”

Upper school students should look for more fun ahead.  “We have a bunch of challenges and games coming up,” says Coach Egan, "we hope will help develop our community even more.”