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New Varsity Sport: Girls’ Lacrosse

March 04, 2020
By Kingsmen Website
Taking it to the Next Level: Girls’ Lacrosse Goes Varsity

This season, CHS will field a new varsity sport.  It’s fast.  It’s high-scoring.  It’s Girls’ Lacrosse.

A few years ago, Girls’ Lacrosse began as a middle school sport at CHS, coached at that time by Mrs. Persson.  That first group of athletes continued to play each year as more players were added until, this season, the team is ready to emerge on the varsity level under the coaching of Miss Levis.

Lacrosse is the “fastest field sport because it’s played in the air rather than on the ground,” explains Miss Levis, which may be the reason it’s catching on so fast among students.  The concept of the sport is easy to grasp, but the skills involved are difficult – and that combination of speed and challenge appeals to ambitious young athletes.

Lauren began playing at the start of CHS’s Girls’ Lacrosse program and has “loved it ever since then,” she says. “It is a great team to be a part of and I am very excited to see where this season goes, being a varsity team for the first time.”

Our new team includes twenty-one middle and high school girls.  Twelve play at a time, including the goalie.

“The team has gotten better every year,” says Miss Levis, “and this year will be a ‘next level’ of competition for us.”  That, and a “next level” of excitement for fans!  Indian Ledge will be the home field for CHS Girls’ Lacrosse, so be certain to check the athletics calendar for game times.