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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Alumni Testimony -- Randall W. Phillips

October 23, 2019
By Kingsmen Stories


Major Phillips while a student at CHS
​​​Major Phillips while a student at CHS.
Randall W. Phillips, Major, U.S. Army


As Veterans' Day nears and we anticipate our annual Veterans' Day Assembly, we'll feature the reflections of some of our alumni who serve, or have served, in the armed services.

Places Served: Iraq, Kuwait, Korea, the Pentagon, SC

Highlights of Military Career: Commanded Company of 105 Soldiers in Iraq with all returning safely, while flying the AH-64D Apache, piloted the final helicopter out of Iraq in 2011, managed the $16B Army National Guard Aviation Modernization Program.

What did your experience at Christian Heritage School mean to you, and how did it prepare you for a life of serving Christ and your country?

My time at CHS helped solidify the core values in which I have lived my life, built lifelong friendships, and provided direction and drive which has enabled my success at higher levels.

What would you like to say to the students at Christian Heritage School?

Remember in your moments of triumph and glory, that while your individual efforts were necessary to reach the achievement, the recognition is often more reflective of those who helped you along the way (parents, peers, and later in life employees or subordinates) than of your own greatness or genius. To this end, surround yourself with quality people, work hard, protect your reputation and guard your character, maintain perspective, and always stay humble and kind.

Joe Orban says:
October 24, 2019 08:06 PM CST

Thanks for your service Randall. Great advice to the kids (and all of us). God Bless! Joe (CHS Dad)