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Kingsmen Stories

Kingsmen Stories


Celebrating Two Beloved CHS Leaders

June 23, 2020
By Kingsmen Stories
Reflections on Dr. Modarelli from Bruce Stempien

Thank you, Brian and Tara Modarelli, for nine years of service and leadership to the CHS community.

In his entire life, Brian never lived more than five years in one place – that is, until he got to CHS. Brian and his family fell in love with the potential ministry and mission and community of devoted Christ followers.  Tara and Brian enrolled their three younger children, Peyton, Davis and Mitchell, while Julia, the oldest, was away at college.  Brian and Tara believed early on that the number one priority was for their family to be part of something special.  

A close second was Brian’s passion for excellence in Christian education. Every relationship built and every aspect of his leadership philosophy was to propel his vision for what is considered excellent.  Brian developed two important guiding principles.  CHS would become a “calling" prep school where students are prepared for service to the Lord (or calling) for which God has uniquely designed them. The other was that CHS would partner with parents and churches to prepare and equip what he termed, “Christian Scholars.”  He had a vision for this school: we would be exceptionally strong in both academic and spiritual pursuits.  Education in this community would happen life-on-life, and students would eventually become like their teachers.  His guiding verse is Romans 1:20. God reveals himself through both his Word and His world, and we have the privilege of pointing children to the Lord by exploring the wonders in both scripture and creation.

Thank you, Brian and Tara. Your primary goal has been realized and you served valiantly.  Godspeed to you and your family as God opens a new adventure and continues to use you to teach children that, in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Reflections on Mrs. Smith from Dr. Modarelli

Written as a letter to the Lower School students, as printed in the Lower School yearbook

Dear Lower School Students,

It is really amazing for me to think that Mrs. Smith has served the students of CHS with every single head of school from the very beginning of the school.  Mrs. Smith is known for her love of great books, her concern for individual students, her fondness for hedgehogs, and her joyful and steady presence in the school building every day.  Mrs. Smith is finishing her 43rd year as a CHS Kingsmen -- although she will always be a Kingsmen at heart.  She loves you with all of her being, just as she has loved the students at CHS over the last four decades.

Did you know that Mrs. Smith drives almost 100 miles every day to get to CHS and back home?  On some days, there will be about a foot of snow on the ground by her house when she begins her drive to school, and we will have no snow at all here in Trumbull.  Yet, she is often the first one on campus and the last one to leave.

Mrs. Smith has committed her life to thoroughly loving CHS students and helping them fully prepare for the life God has created them to live.  She is simply the greatest combination of toughness, sweetness, and Christ-centeredness I have ever known.

Luke 6:40b states that everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.  It is my hope that all of Mrs. Smith's current and former students will find this passage to describe their lives.

As Mrs. Smith retires, she will be remembered most fondly here at CHS and she will be missed greatly.  Every time I see a hedgehog, I will surely think of the gifted and dedicated educator I have been privileged to work beside.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Modarelli

yvonne Jetter says:
June 27, 2020 01:36 PM CST

We are truly going to miss them both. I am grateful for their presence and influence over Christian Heritage school over the years! May God continue to bless them and their families as they have blessed my family so much. My daughter especially wanted to keep in touch with Mrs. Smith. I am not sure if there was an email or if her email would still be active? thanks. God bless, The JETTERS