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College Recruit Guidelines

This information is provided to Christian Heritage student-athletes as a guideline.  Each student-athlete interested in playing sports collegiately needs to conduct the necessary research along with his/her family in order to determine which school is best for them.

9th Grade
  1. Excel academically in order to give yourself the most options when choosing a school.
  2. Sign up for and play on the school team in the sports you are most interested in.
  3. Inform your coach and/or Athletic Director of your interest in playing sports collegiately.
  4. Work with your coach and/or Athletic Director to determine which camps and clinics to attend in the off-season that would best enhance your skills.
  5. Investigate other options of playing in the off-season such as town travel teams and AAU teams (
  6. Begin to record your academic and athletic achievements on an athletic resume.
  7. Work with your coach to establish an off-season weight training and conditioning program.
10th Grade
  1. Continue to excel academically.
  2. Continue to play on the school team.
  3. Continue to play in the off-season travel and/or AAU teams.
  4. Begin to research colleges to determine which type of school would be the best fit for you.
  5. Attend several camps and/or clinics, especially those at a college you may be interested in or where the coach of a college you are interested in is an instructor.
  6. Continue to add your academic and athletic achievements to your athletic resume.
  7. Continue to work on your off-season weight training and conditioning program.
11th Grade
  1. Set up a meeting with your parents, coaches and college guidance counselors to discuss the colleges you are interested in.
  2. Before your season starts, send out a letter to the coach of the college(s) in which you have an interest in order to introduce yourself.  At a minimum, you should include a copy of your team’s schedule (if available) and your athletic resume.
  3. Continue to excel academically.
  4. Continue to participate on the school team.
  5. Continue to write coaches with updated information throughout the year.
  6. Continue to play in the off-season travel and/or AAU teams.  Send your prospective college coaches a letter or e-mail letting them know what off-season leagues or tournaments you will be playing in.
  7. Weight train and condition in the off-season.
  8. Send videotapes to schools you are interested in.
  9. Contact the coach of the college(s) you are most interested in to discuss a meeting and/or visit at the college (Note: Coaches cannot contact a player until July 1st following the junior year and therefore, cannot return your call before July 1st).
  10. Visit colleges.
  11. Record all academic and athletic information/accomplishments on your athletic resume.
12th Grade
  1. Send out your athletic resume(s) in the summer before your senior year.
  2. Register for the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse in the early fall.
  3. Set up official and unofficial visit with college coaches.
  4. Continue to be in contact with college coaches.
  5. Continue to e-mail and call coaches to inform them when you will be competing in any tournaments.