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Learning Center

We are pleased to be able to offer the services of our Learning Center to those students needing help with our program.

CHS does not accept students with identified learning disabilities. The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide assistance to students who are struggling academically because of minor learning issues.

Students are considered for participation in the Learning Center through teacher recommendation. This recommendation along with standardized test results and academic records are reviewed and evaluated. The administration makes the final decision regarding admission into the program.

Students are scheduled to come to the Learning Center one to three sessions per week, depending on student need, center availability, and classroom schedules. The content of Learning Center lessons is based on classroom work, teacher input, and student needs. Parental consent is required and parents are charged a fee for this service.

Definitions and explanation of Federal law and private school services, IDEA, Section 504, and Learning Disabilities

It is a privilege and a blessing to work with your children. We pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.

In His Service,

Mrs. Kim Haggerty, Director, Learning Center


Learning Center Faculty

Mrs. Kim Haggerty, Director
B.A. Wheaton College


Mrs. Vanessa Anderson, Upper School
B.A. Wheaton College

Mrs. Susan DeDonato, Upper School
M.Ed. University of Bridgeport
B.S. Southern Connecticut State University


Mrs. Carlye Hay, Lower School
M.Ed. Northern Illinois University
B.A. Wheaton College