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Early University

Early University is an exciting opportunity that allows CHS students to enroll in college classes during their junior and senior years of high school. CHS has become a satellite campus for several universities and those universities have approved qualified CHS teachers to serve as adjunct professors to teach their courses. Students who take full advantage of Early University will have the opportunity of completing approximately 60 college credits (up to two full years of college work) while concurrently fulfilling their high school graduation requirements.

CHS has been successfully offering dual enrollment courses through UConn for several years, and CHS graduates have transferred these college credits to the institutions of their choice all over the country. In fact, the CHS graduating class of 2016 earned approximately 750 college credits right here in our classrooms through our growing array of early credit courses. CHS offers approximately 60 different college credits on our campus.

Early University simply provides a pathway for CHS upperclassmen to earn up to 66 transferable college credits before they graduate from high school.

The Early University program at CHS creates an attractive value proposition by saving both time and money. CHS graduates can transfer up to 2 years of college credits into the university of their choice. This means that it is possible for a student to finish their undergraduate degree in two years, rather than four – and finish their graduate degree two years after that. Two years of college tuition are thus saved. Additionally, the student enters the workforce (with a master’s degree) with two extra years of earning power. The combination of two years of tuition saving and two extra years of salary can realistically up add to $150,000 to $200,000.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at 203.590.6115 or

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which universities will serve as partnering institutions?
  • UConn will continue to partner with CHS to offer a large number of courses.  UConn has been offering dual enrollment courses since 1955. 
  • Seton Hall University has recently approved CHS as a dual credit provider. 
  • Syracuse University has been partnering with high schools to offer dual enrollment courses since 1972.
UConn, Syracuse and Seton Hall are not Christian colleges.  Will these courses be taught through a distinctively biblical worldview? 
Yes.  Our own teachers will serve as the adjunct professors for the courses.  The entire syllabus from the partnering universities will be covered in each class – but the teacher is free to add the context of a biblical worldview.

Will EU students still interact with non-EU students?  What about chapels and activity periods?
EU students will participate in regularly scheduled chapels and activity periods with the rest of the CHS High School, and will eat lunch in the CHS cafeteria.  EU students will participate in class trips and class projects.

Alright…How much is this going to cost?
The partnering universities assess minimal fees that average under $200/class (payable directly to them) in addition to the tuition we charge.

Are these credits guaranteed to transfer to any college? 
Not necessarily.  All private colleges and most public colleges create their own acceptance policies for transfer credit.  However, a recent assessment of UConn dual credits confirmed that approximately 87% of the credits transferred successfully to other colleges.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at 203.590.6115 or