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Upper School

Greetings from the Upper School Principal

Welcome to the Christian Heritage Upper School! At CHS, we strive to graduate students who are grounded in biblical Truth, sharpened by academic rigor, strengthened in body through championship-caliber athletics, and afforded opportunities for expression through award-winning performing and visual arts. 

At CHS, your children will be known, challenged, and loved by teachers who care not only about academic achievement, but also strive to build relationships through shared experiences in the class, field, court, or stage. Your student will be instructed by teachers and administrators who sought employment at CHS not just because they are lifelong learners themselves, but because they are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Christian Heritage School--to partner with families in the provision of “an education of spiritual and academic excellence with which to serve God.” 

Offering 25 Honors, Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment courses through nationally recognized universities, CHS offers a challenging and thought provoking academic environment which allows your child to take advantage of opportunities to stretch and grow under the close tutelage of teachers who are wholly invested in their academic and spiritual development. Our small class sizes ensure your child receives the attention and care they need to truly flourish as a student, and our academic support systems and structures provides learners of all types the tools they need to succeed. 

CHS’s focus on the whole child continues outside the classroom with numerous co-curricular activities through athletics and fine arts. Our athletics program offers opportunities to grow every level of athlete--from the middle schooler who is new to a sport and wants to try something out of their comfort zone, all the way to those who aspire to reach Division 1, World Champion or Olympian status! Our fine arts programs offer the opportunity to perform as actors, musicians, artists, and voices in harmony, showcasing God-given gifts for our community as well as in competitions throughout Connecticut and the northeast. 

We know that every child is on their own individual spiritual journey, mapped out by the Lord and preordained to bring Him glory and honor. That is why our Spiritual Life program is designed to meet students where they are. Adolescence is a time where black and white turns grey, questions arise, and identity in Christ is discovered and developed. At CHS, our teachers and staff don’t just talk the talk; we invite students to join us on our own spiritual walks through weekly chapels, annual retreats, service opportunities, and bible classes as well as organic opportunities for real conversations in advisory, lunch, or after school. Quite simply, whether you are a new sixth grader or a veteran teacher, we are all on a journey toward Christ, and we desire to journey together as a community. 

Selecting a school is an important decision with a myriad of factors. In CHS, you are choosing to place your children in the care of faculty who are devoted to the Lord, passionate about education and their chosen discipline, and committed to partnering with you on your family’s journey through adolescence and young adulthood. As an administrator, I am proud to be part of this community of educators, and as a dad, I am thankful my children are in their care. 

We look forward to you joining our community in the upper school this year! 

In Christ, 

Karl Simon 
Upper School Principal