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Upper School

Greetings from the Upper School Principal

        At Christian Heritage School we provide opportunity to learn about our Creator’s handiwork in His world and in our lives. Student-centered classes and curricula nurture individuals toward critical, logical, biblical, and creative thinking.

        Our students achieve. This year CHS high school students are in process of earning a total of 918 college-credits in AP, UConn, Syracuse, and Seton Hall courses. Our students annually place high in the Connecticut state science fair and the Math League in which our teams have consistently placed in the top five among small schools in Connecticut.

        Our students contend in athletics and lead in artistic accomplishment. To cite some examples: 75% of upper school students play on at least one athletic team, and these teams annually compete for league championships. Around one third of students participate in the spring musicals, and these productions rival those of schools much larger than ours. Though no fine arts credits are required for high school graduation, over half of the students annually take at least one fine arts course. CHS students have recently been selected as top musicians in the state and region; one alumnus even plays on a world championship soccer team. Our many extracurricular opportunities open avenues for connection between students and adult mentors and advocates.

        Our graduates excel as they attend some of the top schools in the nation, but we prioritize guiding them toward best-fit colleges more than we do colleges that rank high. Preparing for such outcomes, over their years at CHS, students unlock and exercise their own unique God-given talents and gifts.

        Our students believe. The colleges our alumni attend, the jobs they acquire, and the ways they serve give testament to what they value and what they believe. CHS recognizes the powerful effect of a life modeled on a comprehensive, well-reasoned Christian worldview. Our liberal arts education centers on character, and the outstanding collective character of CHS students and alumni serves as testimony to what we and they value. 

Come join us as we journey together!

Grace and peace,

Ms. Kim Baylis
Upper School Principal