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Lower School

Greetings from the Principal

Welcome to the Christian Heritage School community.  The elementary years are formative in that they lay the foundation upon which higher education is framed.  Many of you are beginning this journey with your kindergartner; others of you are nearing the end with a pre-adolescent on the brink of middle school.  It is our privilege to assist you in the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of your precious child.

At CHS we believe that it is essential to teach from a Christ centered worldview.  We desire that your child grow and develop into a young man or woman who will impact the world for the kingdom of God.  Our Lower School Faculty create safe, nurturing environments that allow students to explore the world around them while being academically stimulated and challenged.  The unique environment of Christian Heritage School allows teachers to pray with their students in order to support them in meeting the challenges of their lives socially, emotionally, and academically. 

My door is always open.  I welcome students and parents to visit me, and I would love to discuss the many reasons Christian Heritage School would be a great community for you and your child.

In Christ,

Carol Smith



In Parents' Words

"In the lower school at Christian Heritage, the teachers are focused on the child's heart with a mission to bring them to understand Jesus' love for them."


"CHS is everything we want for our kids, and we hope to keep them there through twelfth grade."


"We selected CHS for Kindergarten and have been here ever since. We selected it because it is an amazing Christian school!"

Mrs. Carol Smith,

Lower School Principal