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Of the many facets of the CHS experience, “community” is the one most treasured and talked about among students, parents, and faculty.  

It’s hard to describe, but imagine a school where:
  • Seniors regularly eat lunch with kindergarteners, to each other’s delight…
  • Students, parents, and faculty mix and mingle in an on-campus coffee shop…
  • Cherished traditions are seen as opportunities to include and welcome new students and families…
  • Students can be athletes, musicians, actors, and scholars, or any combination of those, united in support of one another’s pursuits… 
  • Peer influence tends toward deepening faith, serious study, and healthy choices…
  • It’s not only kids who build life-long friendships, but parents, too.

The best way to get a glimpse of this community experience is by visiting– we’d love to meet you!

In Parents' Words

“The quality of the teachers and the close relationship with the staff and teachers makes this an extension of our home!  I feel so comfortable having my children there!”


“We love the interaction between staff, students, parents and how we are all part of a team in educating our children.”


“The administrators, teachers, coaches, and parents have really connected with our student and show continuously that they care.”


“Being a part of this community has been a blessing to my family. The love and support has been amazing. We are a family!”


“We are extremely grateful for CHS and the CHS family.  I do not think we fit the ‘typical family’ at CHS yet we are welcomed and supported.” 


“You really do feel as though you belong.”