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CHS would like to thank those graduates who have served and are serving for the cause of our freedom.

Welcome to the CHS Alumni Community!

The CHS Alumni Association represents the graduates of Christian Heritage School and purposes to build unity among all CHS graduates. We consider our extended school community to be a family, and our desire is for you to stay connected and involved. There are many opportunities for you to use your gifts and talents and we welcome your involvement! We want to hear from you and be updated on news of marriages, births, jobs changes, relocations, and your interactions with other CHS alumni.

Our hope is to have at least one member of each graduating class as a representative. Please let us know if you are interested in serving on this committee and also how we can better serve you!

John Krekoska '91

Alumni Association Representatives:

Class of 1984

Nick Adam


David Greer

Class of 1986

Lorna (Greer) Tyrrell

Class of 1987

Maria (DeNardo) Luft


Pamela (Salerno) Overton

Class of 1988

Sheila (Krekoska) Rubino

Class of 1989

Jason Coles


Brian Russell

Class of 1991

John Krekoska


Rita (Khona) Opp

Class of 1993

Kim (Link) Haggerty

Class of 1994

Theresa (Russomano) Miller

Class of 2003

Rachel (Broadbent) Fritzler


Rachael Ewud

Class of 2004

Stephanie Vinton

Class of 2005

Steven Johnstone

Class of 2009

Nathan Katz


Join Us!

If your class is not yet represented, and you would like to be part of our team, please contact John Krekoska.

CHS Staff:

John Naeher, Director of Student Life and Operations

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