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Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Art classes at Christian Heritage School are designed to emphasize creativity, historical knowledge, technical skills in various art media, and critique ability.  Students at CHS acquire an appreciation and for art and art-making.  Classes help students to discover how people communicate through images and gain a greater understanding of the world through God’s eyes.

Instrumental Arts

The Instrumental Music Department at Christian Heritage School is open to all upper school students.  Performing groups include Middle School Concert Band, High School Symphonic Band and High School Jazz Band.  The primary objective in all of these ensembles is to expose students to appropriate major works of the wind band repertoire while developing musical intellect, skill, and expression in an ensemble setting. In band, students will be able to demonstrate a progressive ability to perform on an instrument with accuracy and artistry. Each individual will also demonstrate an understanding of written musical notation. Finally, band students will discover joy and satisfaction in the process of collective music-making that points them to the Creator of all things beautiful.

Vocal Arts

Vocal music classes at Christian Heritage School are designed to give students the opportunity to develop musicianship and sensitivity by participating and performing in both the large and small group setting. The large choir is open to general participation while the smaller chamber choir is an audition–only group. The literature covered will include many genres of vocal music from the renaissance to contemporary styles. Vocal techniques, music reading and elements of music history are included in the class. The goal is to expose students to many styles of choral singing and to perform in concert both on and off campus and to teach all members to worship the Giver of Life and the Giver of our talents.

Theater Arts

The Theater Arts Department at Christian Heritage School exists to educate and empower students to develop artistically, personally and socially as they prepare and present theatrical performances. The department seeks to provide a nurturing and challenging environment that inspires creativity, provides opportunities for personal accomplishment, encourages deeper understanding and empathy for the human condition, and cultivates a positive sense of self.  The program is designed to reflect a standard of excellence in production and performance that honors God and supports the greater Christian Heritage community. It has been a joy to see how the Lord uses this program to show and direct young people toward the future He has prepared for them. 

Brett Flowers
Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair

I invite you to take a peek at some wonderful
visual and performing arts opportunities here in our area. Enjoy some of the amazing entertainment we are so blessed to have here in our “neck of the woods”!

Robin Hannibal, Fine Arts Coordinator,

CHS Artist of the Month

Kathy Yan Ju is a senior in the AP Studio Art class and began drawing when she was 5 years old.  Later, she taught herself colored pencil and oil painting techniques. Kathy says she loves to draw because it is a better way to express her feelings and to record the wonderful moments in her life.  Her desire is to bring joy to the viewer and make them smile.  Though she plans to major in applied mathematics at college, she intends to keep up her artwork just for fun.  To see more of her works, check out her official instagram:  artist.kyj