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Upper School

Greetings from the Upper School Principal

At Christian Heritage School we aim to provide the best possible setting for students to flourish in classrooms, on playing fields, on stage, and in social contexts. We care about each and every student here, and that should be an obvious trademark of our school.  We believe that all truth is God's truth. Because of this belief, the CHS community displays and nurtures grace, service, and love both inside and outside of the classroom.
Our upper school faculty create student-centered classrooms and curricula that drive students toward critical, logical, and creative thinking. While we are dedicated to excellence in all things, we believe that character is an essential component of anything excellent and that education is valuable in and of itself. As leaders and teachers at Christian Heritage School, we recognize the powerful affect of a life modeled on a comprehensive, well-reasoned Christian worldview. We desire to give testimony to the fact that we see everything we do as a school—academics, athletics, and the arts—through the lens of our omniscient, sovereign, and loving God.
Daniel 12 states that those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens. It is our highest hope that CHS students will shine with such brightness as they explore their unique God-given talents and gifts.
Dr. Seth Parrish
Upper School Principal